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About Airbus .

Airbus and L’École de design Nantes Atlantique asked Nicolas and I to work on a way to represent weather information on the screen’s cockpit of future airplanes. The aim was to create a new system of visualisation to prevent from meteorological incidents. Alongside with our mentors, we decided to work on the representation of the airplane and his environment. Our idea was to create a system which allows the pilot to check the weather at any steps of his travel, anywhere on his path.

This project had been made in 2016 and allowed us to work with teams of engineer of Airbus and take in consideration technical feedbacks on our work.

Our concept .

Before to start a flight, each pilot has to prepare his path from a point A to B. He collects all the information about the land, the weather, the traffic and more in order to have a good flight without any problem. On his road he has to follow what we call waypoints. In order to have a more secured flight we decided to find a way for the pilot to access the weather datas of each waypointswithout calling the control towers. Thus, when the pilot face a problem he can easily change his path to another safer. The interactive screen is composed in three parts detailed below. It brodcasts in real time information about the weather and the land below the plane.

The timeline shows the full path of the airplane with all the waypoints, the altitude it has to fly, the distance and the possible weather problems. On this timeline you can select the airplane and move the ‘ghost’ to a waypoint where you want to get some information. This action will change the preview panel on the right which will show you the weather datas according to the filters selected at this point. It willl allow the pilot to anticipate his path. The live panel on the left is showing you the live statut of your airplane. You can interact with it by adding or removing filters.

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