Learning from the best designers

I mean really. Not even joking.

During 5 months I have been part of the design team at Dogstudio, led by Henry Daubrez for my end of study internship. I helped the team on Visual and Motion Design mainly for the creation of website, but also on branding and interactive installations. I was in direct collaboration with the talented team of designers, developers, and producers who helped me to grow and learn a lot in many different ways.

Why I joined them

they seemed cool so why not?

I wanted to discover a new way to work and to create. Dogstudio seemed to be one of the top choices for me to learn from the bests and to « make good shit » as they like to say. Being part of this creative environment allowed me to learn fast and significantly improve my knowledge of Visual Design. Thanks to Henry but also Loic Leser, I grew faster than ever. They gave me the tools and advices I needed to slowly get to the next level.

Wait! What?

Working on awesome projects

« we make good shit » wasn’t a lie.

I helped the team on great projects such as the KIKK Festival 2018, Galia Lahav or Dogstudio’s website, where I was creating design with the creative direction of Henry and Loïc. Working on these taught me to work on every single details to push my design to the best quality possible. Yeah, « The devil is in the details ». It also showed me an amazing creative way to create interactive websites, pushing the limits of what I was able to create. It pushed my creativity to the maximum and made me take smart choices using design systems and components, for instance, to make the overall experience on any type of digital content consistent and easy to make.

If they taught me a lot about Visual design, I was also happy to help them out with my motion design and 3D skills. They gave a me a lot of freedom in these fields so I could start my own experiments and researches for internal and external projects.

Thanks to the team

All good things have an end… Right?

This internship had been an incredible experience for me as I learned much more than I expected. I have been very well guided by Henry and Loïc to eventually become more precise, efficient and creative than before. They pushed me everyday to give the best I could on many different levels, allowing me to grow fast and, I believe, in the good direction. I’d like to thank them, but also all the team out there which is doing a fantastic job.