Dpdk digital.

Exceptional Digitalism

That’s all about it

I joined DPDK in 2016 for a first internship in Visual design (Bachelor’s degree). More than just an internship, I found there a real family (#dpdkfamily) and a great environment of work. Led by Michael Vromans, creative director, I integrated the team of designers and started to learn more about the standards and basics of web but also had the opportunity to work on illustration and branding. After I left I finished my studies in France and finally came back in 2018 to work with them on great project for various brands and companies. With only one purpose: Create Exceptional Digitalism.

Forward you Brand Video

Hybrids hybrids hybrids

Forward You approached us to redesign their brand, website and products. Coming with these we had to create a brand video made of hybrids, motion graphics, rotoscoping, illustrations and more. It was a great creative project I joined when it was already started to bring my help and expertise to the team. It was also a way for me to prove that I could create cool motion and that I was not only a visual designer.

Motion design

Experimental and cool stuff

I used to work on the motion design of the Newsletters, a great place for me to experiment and keep learning. I also Tok part in the creation of brand idents with the team of motion designers, but I also create motion prototypes for different various projects on After effects and now Adobe Xd. Every project taught me something different and I can’t wait to learn even more things about motion.