Dpdk digital.

Exceptional Digitalism

That’s all about it

I joined DPDK in 2016 for a first internship in Visual design (Bachelor’s degree). More than just an internship, I found there a real family (#dpdkfamily) and a great environment of work. Led by Michael Vromans, creative director, I integrated the team of designers and started to learn more about the standards and basics of web but also had the opportunity to work on illustration and branding. After I left I finished my studies in France and finally came back in 2018 to work with them on great project for various brands and companies. With only one purpose: Create Exceptional Digitalism.


Corporate portfolio, from small to big project

The revamp of the Dpdk website had been a long journey of learnings and adaptations. Initially, we wanted to change just a few pages but eventually changed the entire website. Under the direction of Michael Vromans I was in charge of the visual and motion design from the start of the project. From small to big, this project became with time a project with a lot of content and pages. I had to find a way to make this website easy to build and ready to eventual modifications on several different pages at the same time. That’s why I created a design system from scratch in Adobe Xd with a lot of various components allowing me to work faster and more efficiently. I also made good use of Cloud documents to collaborate with all the team members from the content team, to the developers and the designers, so we could always collaborate with the latest assets. This project taught me to be even more organized than before, but was also really interesting when it came to come up with solutions alongside the dev teams and adapt my design when required, or share my vision on how we could find an alternative solution to the problem.

Make it move!

Forward you Brand Video

Hybrids hybrids hybrids

Forward You approached us to redesign their brand, website and products. Coming with these we had to create a brand video made of hybrids, motion graphics, rotoscoping, illustrations and more. It was a great creative project I joined when it was already started to bring my help and expertise to the team. It was also a way for me to prove that I could create cool motion and that I was not only a visual designer.

Motion design

Experimental and cool stuff

I used to work on the motion design of the Newsletters, a great place for me to experiment and keep learning. I also Tok part in the creation of brand idents with the team of motion designers, but I also create motion prototypes for different various projects on After effects and now Adobe Xd. Every project taught me something different and I can’t wait to learn even more things about motion.