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About Google .

The Google team and L’École de design Nantes Atlantique asked Adrien, Emma, Louise and I to work on a new video experience using Google products. We decided to work with Youtube, Google Maps, and Google Search, and tried to combine them to create a new video discovery experience on Google. This project made in 2017 lasted 4 days. It allowed each of us to work on different tasks from the concept to the prototype, and took the best in each of us to make a product which could actually work in the Google ecosystem. While Adrien was working on the creations of 3 personas, Louise was benchmarking, Emma and I were starting the firsts wireframes. This team work allowed us to work well and fast.

Our concept .

Our concept was based on 3 different types of users : The Vlogger, the Watcher, and the announcer. Drived by these three typologies of people we decided to turn our concept around Youtube. Then we had to think about a way to connect Youtube with Maps and Search. First, we decided to use a combination with Google Maps. Imagine you are a watcher and you are following a Vlogger who shoot his travel in the region of NewYork. When you type on Google Maps the name of the Vlogger and his playlist, you'll see all the different steps of his travel on the Map. This can allow the Vlogger to know where exactly were the different steps of his trip and probably do it himself in the future. It's not just a way to represent information to the watcher but to engage him and motivate him to move to these places.

Our second goal was to connect Youtube with Search. Imagine you want to watch a video of this travel. You click on it and are redirected on Youtube. As we already know most of these Vloggers have sponsors and promote products of announcers. Let's say the Vlogger wears a polo Lacoste. You'll receive a small notification in one corner of the video (when you'll see the frames where the polo appears) which will invite you to buy the same polo or to add it to your wishlist to see it later.

Our concept connects our 3 personas through the Google ecosystem and allows the watcher to get more involve in the video, the anouncer to get directly to his point on the video, and the Vlogger to be closer to his community.

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