Maif Car.

The car sharing service

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About Maif Car .

This project had been made in 2017 with Alexandre in partnership with La Maif (french insurance) and L'École de design Nantes Atlantique. We created the service Maif Car in order to help old people in their daily mobility. As you get older, it happens that your car stays at home without being used anymore but you still pay an insurance. With Maif Car, we offer you the possiblity to lown your car to La Maif in exchange of a service of car sharing. When you lown your car to La Maif, your car will be used by a Maif driver who are occasionaly drivers or people who cannot afford their own car. They will pay an amount each month and if they want to lower their rental they will have to pick up old people to one location to another one. Thanks to Maif Car we offer more mobility to old people, who cannot drive their car anymore, and to young actives in need of a car.

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