USC Football.

Passion and commitment

Only one club. Forever.

Part of the US Changé Football association since my younger age as a player and now and part of the volunteer communication team since 2014, I aim to help the team and the club in his growth in providing digital tools to communicate and various kind of visuals for events and for the season. Joined by more and more people each years, it’s a real pleasure to create contents in this sport environment.

Why I joined as a designer

Let me help these amazing folks!

I moved a lot abroad in the past years, which prevented me to play football in my one and only club. But being part of this association since I was a kid has become something really important as I grew with my coaches and team mates over the years, learning to play but much more important, I learned to work hard and fight for my team even in complicated moments. I believe these values made what I am today, and I wanted to thank all of them by staying involve in the club in another way. That’s why I decided to help them out with their communication by creating visuals for digital and prints for various purposes.

Glitchy Glitchy

Keep learning, and loving it!

Because that’s what we good at, right?

Working with various actors of the club is a great experience as I work for lots of different type of projects. If I look back when I started, I can say that I improved a lot my skills thanks to the work I had to create. It allows me to constantly evolve and get more knowledge on creative tools, which had been really important as a student, but more importantly developed a strong network. I even allowed me to work for professionals clubs for some game events which happened in my city. It’s a great opportunity to be part of this association as they always give their best to make the club better in a sportive manner, and we help them to be better in communication manner.

Let’s build amazing things

'till the end my old friend'

Working as a volunteer at USChangé Football is a fantastic opportunity for me to stay active in the club and to keep learning by creating. I’m proud to be part of this amazing team which keep reinventing herself over the years. I’ll keep giving them my expertise in design and hopefully one day we’ll touch with our fingers the professional world. I mean, come on, we love competition. That’s why we play!